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Fall into the Future’s Poses: Compilation #1

Doing this little story has involved making quite a lot of poses, so I thought I’d share all of them with you! These are the poses from Bits #1-10; more will possibly be released later.

These were originally gifted as a Simblreen present, but I’ve decided it’s about time to release them publicly. :)


  • This is*NOT* POSE LIST COMPATIBLE. Due to the sheer number of poses (24, precisely) in this pack, it did not seem like a good idea.
  • These poses were designed for Lilobot, so the expressions may be too cartoony for some sims to use. She is a very expressive little robot!
  • The carrying poses are NOT originally done by me; I used some of Pammie’s poses from this pack as a base—so I will give credit to her for 80% of the structure of those two.
  • Wheelchair is from here.

Thank you guys so much! Hope you enjoy. :)

Download: Mediafire ♦ Box

Margo’s Poses: Compilation #1

These are poses I made for various shoots that people have requested I upload; they do have some minor problems but I tried to correct the ones that I could.

Pose Codes: a_Kaleeko_Margo01 - 04

  • The teacup and book accessories can be found here.
  • The finger clipping issue on pose #4 was corrected, just not shown.


Show Jumping: A Sims 3 Pose Pack!

This is for those simmers who want a bit more realism for jumping/riding in the game; these poses are not perfect, but they are as close to the references as I could get them! Also—I will probably not be sharing these on ModTheSims, so please do  not ask me to upload them anywhere else.

This is compatible with the pose list (after much toil, haha)! However, to use the horse poses, you MUST update your Pose Player to the most recent version. They WILL NOT WORK otherwise!

♦ ♦ ♦ Download from Mediafire ♦ ♦ ♦

Love & Horses: A Sims 3 Pose Pack!

This is a “mix and match” pose pack containing 24 poses of affection between adults, horses, and toddlers. 

This is compatible with the pose list (after much toil, haha)! However, to use the horse poses, you MUST update your Pose Player to the most recent version.

Lucky for me, I happened to finish this up just about as I hit my next follower milestone, so—thank you guys! This is my present to you, for supporting me through my crazed obsession with the Sims. Cheers~♥

♦ ♦ ♦ Download from Mediafire / ModtheSims ♦ ♦ ♦

Awkward Moments: A Sims 3 Pose Pack!

I finally got this finished for you guys—it includes everything I’ve worked on up to this point (excluding the ‘riding’ poses, obviously). I hope you guys enjoy it! As a note, though—if you previously installed the ‘peek pose’, you may want to uninstall the previous .package to avoid redundancies, but as the clip code is different in this package it shouldn’t cause any issues if you choose not to.

Pose Codes:

  • a_Kaleeko_awkward1a: Peeking Around Corner
  • a_Kaleeko_awkward1b: Covering Body
  • a_Kaleeko_awkward2a: Resistant to Being Touched
  • a_Kaleeko_awkward2b: Trying to Touch Partner’s Face
  • a_Kaleeko_awkward3: Stubbed Toe, Ow!
  • a_Kaleeko_awkward4: Trying to Catch Falling Object
  • a_Kaleeko_awkward5a: Hugging Enthusiastically
  • a_Kaleeko_awkward5b: Displeased with Hugging

(Listed in Pose List as well.)

♦ ♦ ♦ Download From MEDIAFIRE / MODTHESIMS (Will be available soon!) ♦ ♦ ♦

This is my first riding pose pack—it is strictly for the riders, not the horses. (At this time, there is no way to create/play poses for horses.) This can be used in conjuction with horses using Animator to create more variation of screenshots of sims horseback riding, so have fun!

Known Issues: The fingertips and booty region on a couple of these simply would not cooperate. As long as you don’t get too up close and personal though, they should be fine. ;)

Pose Codes:

  • a_Kaleeko_riding_1: Basic Riding Posture
  • a_Kaleeko_riding_2: Peace Sign from Horse
  • a_Kaleeko_riding_3: Waving from Horse
  • a_Kaleeko_riding_4: Leaning on Horse’s Neck
  • a_Kaleeko_riding_5: Dressage Salute, v1
  • a_Kaleeko_riding_6: Dressage Salute, v2

(Listed in Pose List as well.)

♦ ♦ ♦ DOWNLOAD HERE ♦ ♦ ♦