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i'm your huckleberry

I cannot sleep, so you guys get to be subjected to some cuteness spam.

I decided to age Margo and Dusty up to see what they would look like together when they aren’t so little—and, you guessed it… They’re adorable. Though it may just be Margo. STOP IT, MARGO.

Posted on 02 November 2011, at 5.48am with 62 notes
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    And hopefully, someday something like this will happen in story.
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  6. kimfamilylegacy said: The top pic is perfect!!
  7. pixelpuppetry said: I just wanna take her, cram her into a sandwich and eat her~~<3
  8. altheaquin said: She is just as stunning as I thought she would be! I can’t wait to see her like that in the story!