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i'm your huckleberry
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Anonymous whispered: could you plz do a how to pose with objects tutorial?

I sure can—and already have actually, just keep getting sidetracked from getting it edited and uploaded. So sorry about that!

I will really try to get to it soon, as I’ve promised that for like… ages… but its like, 5’F outside! Finally! And it’s supposed to get even warmer this week, maybe even up to 20! HALLELUJAH! It’s too bright and sunny and warm to be cooped up in this little office.

I’ll see what I can do about that tomorrow for you though, bud. ♥


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Anonymous whispered: can you make a laying down pose tuorial?

I certainly can, but it may not be soon—unfortunately trying to squeeze time onto the computer has been tough lately.

If patience isn’t your strong suit (no worries there—it isn’t mine either), I did do a video recently helping someone with an issue on body twisting—it doesn’t focus on the details of laying down, but it is a laying down pose so you might be able to get some ideas just by watching me do it. :)

Here’s the link:


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Anonymous whispered: hey, i just got into pose making, and my blender is acting weird... when i try to "lockrot" i get "no suitable context info for active keying set" any ideas?


Most likely problem is that you didn’t select anything before hitting LocRot. Ensure that you tap the ‘a’ key until ALL joints hightlight blue before LocRot.

The other cause of this is if there is no keyframe(s) to assign the joint positions to (i.e., no frames in the animation you are creating), but this isn’t possible because the rig already has one frame when opened, and I imagine you’d have to do some crafty hijinks to delete that frame. ;)

As a test, close out of Blender, open a rig, right-click a joint, tap ‘a’, if all joints are blue hit ‘i’, hit LocRot. If at this point you are still getting the same error message, I suggest you reinstall Blender and/or re-download your rigs.


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Hahahahaha omg, these are amazing ♥♥♥

(Aren’t we cuuuuuttee, yessums!)

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Hold me

We’re dancing in the dark of the night

You’re shining like a neon light

I light you up when I get inside

So won’t you touch me? ‘Cause everybody’s watching us now

We’re putting on a show for the crowd

So turn it up, baby

Make it loud

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Noir Nights could not have been what it was without the love and support of three lovely ladies and their sims.

So thanks Berry, Kitty and Kaleekalo for Lo, Lin (Lynne Tea) and Molly (Molasses Machiato). I wouldn’t have made it as far as I did without you <3

*sobs* <3333

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Little known fact: The berry crew tried out for the 24 hour  Happy music video

Spoiler: We didn’t make the cut.

*dies* ♥_♥

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Want some snow, guys? :P The sides of the road are just silly. At least they finally ploughed our sidewalks, hopping through that mess was getting ridiculous. The first few feet of snow were nice, but I am SO ready for spring.

Also, this dude was so chill he we had a staring contest before we drove off. (Yeah, he won.)

Every time I try to get caught up on things it seems a slurry of new stuff comes up, but just so y’all know—my dad is still doing fine, a lot better. He had a strangulated colon, but they luckily caught it in time so they didn’t have to cut a chunk of him out. It was just very sudden and because of his poor health we were really worried, and there were a few complications during/after the surgery, but he’s finally eating again so all is well. Thanks to everyone for their concern and well wishes, it really, really means a lot to me—now, if only I could beat the end-of-winter blues and have the energy to keep up with you guys. T_T

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Here’s me, eternally missing, again. XD I swear I’m cursed.

Sorry for the horrible response time, unfortunately my dad had to have emergency surgery and things were a little hit or miss for a few days, he’s home and okay now so things are fine—was just a bit too stressed for a bit to be helpful.

I’ll try to at least get to questions of those needing help when I get home tonight, but personal messages might take me a bit, so just a heads up to anyone who might think I’m ignoring them. Promise, I’m not! Just mentally exhausted.

Toodles noodles~

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Lilobot’s Fall into the Future: Bit #29

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