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i'm your huckleberry
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Anonymous whispered: Could you do a tutorial on hair drawing pleaaasee ^.^

Certainly! It’s on my list of things to do, I’m hoping to get to it soon. (Order of my to do list is do some Lilo comics, finish posing with props tutorial, do a Blender FAQ video, and then the hair tutorial.)


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And this is why you sunscreen. .___.

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I am SO BURNT from fishing (the day after I say how I always wear sunscreen, I FORGET IT), but it was really fun! I personally only caught one tiny little perch, but the boys caught enough bass for dinner so it worked out great.

My camera doesn’t zoom far enough, so I couldn’t get a clear picture but the birds flying in the 2nd pic are falcons; the 4th pic was when the boys abandoned me so I could climb up these rocks to try to find something interesting to take pictures of. (Hint: I didn’t.) The rest of the pictures are here on Flickr, though.

Seems like most everybody wants more Lilo (surprise, hehe), so that’s next on my list. I’ll get started once I get back from the store, picking up some sunburn remedy to soothe my stupidity. XD

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Anonymous whispered: Hello you lovely person you! Just spreadin' some love :D

Hey you sexy thang! 

^_^ ♥

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Anonymous whispered: Hi, I just watched all your tutorials. Thank you so much! Really useful. Would you know if there is a list of pictures of the default animations (like the a_react_cry_loop) to quickly know which ones to use to get, for example, a particular facial expression?

I don’t know of any pictures of the list that currently exist, unfortunately (if any of you guys out there do, please toss me a link and I’ll add it to the answer here!)

I personally just open up the fullbuild file every time I need to look for something. I think at one point I did start taking screenshots, but there was so darn many I got fed up with it after a while, haha. I wish I could throw it together for you, but while I have quite a bit of patience, that would stretch my limit.


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Dodging in super quick for selfie Sunday before we go fishing for the day; the rest of the photos from camping finally finished uploading so they be here for the interested:

(Also, Megan thought the fire in this pic looked like it has an angel in it—kinda cool!)

When I get back, I’m either going to start working on Lilo’s story or finishing up tutorials, if you guys have a preference lemme know!

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Anonymous whispered: hi! just stopping by to say i love your sims and your personality and your stories and basically everything about you :) i'd send this off-anon but i'm too shy bc i feel like we're two completely different people and we shouldn't be friends haha :( sincerely, a very lonely simblr

Well first, thank you bunches and bunches, hon. ♥ That’s a lot of compliments wrapped all in one! You are too kind! x///x


But, while I won’t go out and say ‘waaaat be my friend!!11!1!’, don’t ever ever think you can’t be friends with someone because they are too different. Most of my close friends are INCREDIBLY bubbly, happy, talkative people because “behind the scenes”, so to speak, I’m a quiet, melancholy person and I need balance so I don’t go crazy. (Even my husband is a different side of the same coin.) Tumblr lets me paint an ideal picture of myself, so how I seem on the surface is similar but a bit different than reality. That’s not a bad thing, though. In the pursuit of wanting to appear a certain way, often times you become it, and that can be a mode for positive change.

Please, though, if it’s not with me—which may be right for you, you should always pursue friendship with someone you WANT to be friends with, and I ain’t exactly always a peach—don’t resign yourself to be lonely because you feel as if you won’t “fit”. Don’t limit yourself, or believe you can’t offer enough, that you aren’t “cool” enough (trust me, none of us here are “cool”, and what is cool, anyways?), because you are worthy and deserving of love just like everyone else. There is  someone out there that needs you in their life, just doesn’t know it yet.


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And I’m back! For today, anyways. I took a rather cRaZy amount of pictures so I probably won’t share any more of them here (I will probably upload a ton to flickr), but here’s a few that I like.

LOOKIT ME, LEARNING HOW TO DO REAL LENS FLARES. The horror has been unleashed. >: ]

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