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i'm your huckleberry
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Sorry for the lack of… well… anything—Raven managed to damage her spine this weekend, and through the whirlwind of worry I couldn’t focus on much.

The vet guesses she’ll recover in about a month, but in the meantime she needs a lot of help moving around and constant supervision, which means no camping or hiking trips during the hubby’s vacation time. Sucks for us, but good for you guys, because I’ll be home-bound for the next while with little to do but sim+etc.

In the essence of saving myself some time, I’ll chuck all the details below the cut for those that are curious.

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Anonymous whispered: aaah youre so cute your voice is cute and your face and hair are cute ok gunna stop being creepy ily bye


Whaaat, you crazy…

… Haha, just kidding. (I couldn’t find the right gif, pft.) Thank you, doll! ♥ *blowkisses*

PS: Love you too have a good night sleep sweet all that jazz and macaroni. C=

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Opted for a walk instead of a run tonight to take some pictures—got a lot of pretty ones as the sun set, but not gonna spam you guys. (I’M JUST SO HAPPY I CAN’T CONTAIN MYSELF.)

Also included a crop of a picture I took of a train going underneath the bridge, unfortunately I didn’t change my settings before snapping it so it came out SUPER under-exposed, but it wasn’t until I looked at it when I got home that I realized there were even dudes on the front of the train! I laughed pretty hard when I saw, lol. They made my night. :)

Hope you guys are having a good one yourselves! ♥

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Anonymous whispered: Could you do a tutorial on hair drawing pleaaasee ^.^

Certainly! It’s on my list of things to do, I’m hoping to get to it soon. (Order of my to do list is do some Lilo comics, finish posing with props tutorial, do a Blender FAQ video, and then the hair tutorial.)


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And this is why you sunscreen. .___.

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I am SO BURNT from fishing (the day after I say how I always wear sunscreen, I FORGET IT), but it was really fun! I personally only caught one tiny little perch, but the boys caught enough bass for dinner so it worked out great.

My camera doesn’t zoom far enough, so I couldn’t get a clear picture but the birds flying in the 2nd pic are falcons; the 4th pic was when the boys abandoned me so I could climb up these rocks to try to find something interesting to take pictures of. (Hint: I didn’t.) The rest of the pictures are here on Flickr, though.

Seems like most everybody wants more Lilo (surprise, hehe), so that’s next on my list. I’ll get started once I get back from the store, picking up some sunburn remedy to soothe my stupidity. XD

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