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Home for the Holidays: Issue #13

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[From the Beginning]

The following items have been put on the gallery for download! (Search Origin ID: Kaleeko or #kaleeko)

  1. Ripples in Paradise: V2 - I wanted to make sure to share the family again now that there’s another kidlet in the mix (and that Alex has aged up!) The family includes Owen, Fern, Alexandra, and Susie—the whole crew from the comic Ripples in Paradise.
  2. Alex & Susie’s Room - Doesn’t make a lot of sense to add Susie and not have anywhere for her to sleep, now does it?! This room replaces Alex’s room in the previous build of the RiP home—just plop it down over top.

Enjoy! ♥

Home for the Holidays: Issue #12

Current Chapter:
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[From the Beginning]

Anonymous whispered: Hello! I'm having a little trouble with my multi-rigs in blender. Whenever I attempt to open up a multi-rig, only one or neither rigs show up. If you don't have a solution to this, I understand!

I had someone who had the exact same problem not too long ago, and unfortunately I wasn’t able to give a concrete solution—I’m not sure what the problem is! If you’ve only installed Blender recently, it may be a version incompatibility so check you have all the correct ones installed, first.

The solution I gave though was to just create your own “multi-rigs” (as you would have to do with any non-supplied combination), by following the steps in my group pose video at around the… 5:00min mark. Once you add in a second rig manually, you can position them how you please and then “File-> Save As…” a new .blend file, which you can open any time you want to make a couples pose. 

As for why they aren’t showing up to begin with… I wish I knew. The Sims 3 Clip Tools available have not been updated/changed in some time, so it is more likely it has to do with what version of Blender you have installed—make sure it’s 2.67b, and for the correct bit OS you’re running. If that’s not the issue, just go ahead and make your own—honestly, I don’t even use the premade multi-rigs myself. I always forget they even exist, haha. :)


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Anonymous whispered: When will R.I.P continue

Definitely sometime this week! I’ve been playing the family here and there, just haven’t been taking any screenshots. Wanted to play for a bit without pausing every two seconds. :)

I’m going to start building up my cache of screenshots tonight though, and hopefully start posting comics… Tuesday/Wednesday-ish. Fingers crossed!

Anonymous whispered: You're super pretty! owo

Thanks sweetie pie!! ♥

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Using Selfie Sunday as an excuse to test out my tripod and my remote—it’s really challenging to get it to focus properly without setting it up before-hand and turning off auto-focus… I’m sure it’d help if I moved the focal point away from center, but um. Yeah. I got nothin’. I forgot I could do that. Oops!

Anyways, this is a highly applicable set of selfies because this is what I wear 90% of Fall/Winter. My trusty biege sweater, red plaid scarf, black leggings, polka dot leg warmers, and my hair in a bun. Only things missing are my red wool coat and brown leather boots. :3

Not sure if I’m 100% ready for fall yet, though. I mean, I love fall, but… I actually was enjoying summer for the first time ever, guys. T_T Oh well. Nice thing about seasons is they come back! … Usually. >_>